The EVC-approach of QRM

When EVC is about recognizing and acknowledging previously (elsewhere) Learning. It concerns the provability of the necessary professional competences.

Step 1. Intake

The procedure starts with an interview in which the purpose of the EVC procedure again will be discussed with the candidate and collectively it is decided to continue the EVC or not.

Step 2. Portfolio and self-assessment questionnaire professional competencies.

When filling in the portfolio the candidate is accompanied by a portfolio-supervisor. This supervisor holds the candidate throughout the entire process. Together we completed your digital portfolio. There is also a self-assessment questionnaire. This questionnaire is directly related to the relevant training standards.

In the digital portfolio system are possible “evidence” and argued uploaded. Evidence, inter alia, certificates, training, courses etc., which have been achieved earlier. But also certificates, records of appraisals, reports, present experience, and so on, can be valuable evidence. Including voluntary activities, neighbourly help, hobbies, sports, etc. can be a valuable source of evidence. In all these ‘roles’ can indeed be gained a wealth of experience.

During the portfolio stage, the EVC-candidate will demonstrate his’ or her’s qualities. The EVC-Certification recognizes experience, and this requires valid evidence. Portfolio guidance therefore ensures that the candidate overall portfolio  is filled out as completely as possible and, together with the candidate for optimum evidence. The evidence must relate to the self-assessment questionnaire / measurement standard. Portfolio supervisor assists the candidate by evaluating the relevant supporting documents.

Step 3. The recognition of the professional competencies / EVC assessment

After completing the portfolio  we will appoint an assessor who, within a few days, will contact the candidate and set a date and location for the EVC assessment interview.

An expert assessor assesses the portfolio and is responsible for the assessment. In this assessment, (Criteria Focused Interview) the assessor compares the competences of the candidate with the chosen standard. This assessment-interview shows which parts of the professional competencies of the measurement standard perhaps still need attention.

Step 4. The reporting and offer a Examiners

Based on the under 1, 2 and 3 we draw-up the EVC-Certificate. The Skill Certificate is printed out in duplicate by QRM and sent to the candidate. With permission of the candidate also to third-parties.

The EVC (Skill) Certificate you can offer to every graduation institution on the website of QRM  together with the results of the literacy and numeracy test. The Examination Board decides, ultimately, whether the certificate is issued or genuine diploma/degree can be granted immediately.

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